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Pitch Perfect Productions | Vocal Mixing Lesson (1)

Pitch Perfect Productions | Vocal Mixing Lesson (1)


This product includes an entire vocal mix as well as the lesson. This product is ideal if you have bought a beat (or created it yourself) and recorded your vocals on top of the beat but you are having trouble getting the vocals to sound right. This happens often with rappers and recording artists who are used to recording vocals but not as accustomed to mixing their own vocals. A client will send in his or her vocals (tracked out as separate files) as well as a premixed instrumental and Pitch Perfect Productions will create a professional vocal mix while video recording and explaining every step of the process. We will begin the video lesson by explaining why vocals are so hard to mix and giving some tips on how to mix them professionally. Then we will begin the mixing process and explain every step that was taken to make your vocals sound as professional as possible. The final product that a customer will receive includes: A professional mix of his or her vocals on top of the track that was provided as well as a video of everything that was done to the vocals with narration by our top engineers explaining every step and why each step is necessary to achieve a great mix.


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