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Pitch Perfect Productions | Full Song Mixing & Mastering (1)

Pitch Perfect Productions | Full Song Mixing & Mastering (1)


When a client needs an instrumental mixed as well as his or her vocals this is the option to choose. Typically when an artist writes their own music and records their own vocals they will need a 2nd set of ears to hear the song. This is what we provide. We will listen to your song and decide which mixing & mastering changes will be most appropriate for your track and we will make those changes. After we feel the track has been mixed to the most professional level possible, we will then move on to the Mastering process. This process will bring your track up to industry standards of loudness and power. With Mastering your songs will never again feel “weak” or “underground”. Your songs will sound equivalent to those on the radio with an equal amount of power and strength. The final product will include a full mix of all tracks in a song (vocals, instruments, etc.) and a Master recording of the mixdown track. Estimated turnaround time is 3-5 business days.

Note: This product does NOT include a Video Lesson. If you wish to have your track Mixed & Mastered and learn the tips and tricks behind the process please view our “Full Song Mixing & Mastering w/ Video Lesson” product.


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