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Pitch Perfect Productions | Mixing Lesson (1)

Pitch Perfect Productions | Mixing Lesson (1)


This product includes a full mix of a customer’s song including all vocals, instruments, drums, FX, etc. This is ideal for any artist who makes their own music as well as records their own vocals. Many times artists like these want to get a grasp of every aspect of making music. This is great for these types of artists because they can begin to learn how to mix their own tracks so they will not have to rely on other engineers to do so. However, it is very tough to mix your own tracks in the beginning of your engineering career because you are emotionally attached to your own music. This is why mixing lessons are necessary to take your music and show you how it should be mixed with an unbiased ear. This will help you as an artist grow and soon enough you will be able to mix your own tracks and take your music from start to finish with help from no one else. During the Video Lesson our engineers will record and narrate every step of the process, showing you why each step is necessary for a great mix. You will receive a finished mix of your track as well as a video lesson detailing the steps of the mix.

Note: This product does NOT include a Master recording.


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