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Pitch Perfect Productions | Mastering Lesson (1)

Pitch Perfect Productions | Mastering Lesson (1)


This product requires a premixed track. This product only includes the Mastering process as well as the video lesson. Which means that you will have to provide us with a premixed track. If you do not have the ability or access to an engineer, we can certainly mix your track for you as well.
With this option the customer will upload a premixed track (one file) to us and we will create a Master recording of that track set to industry standards of loudness and power. Mastering is the process that will make a track come to life and make it as loud as possible without adding any distortion. This process is done to every single song that you will hear on the radio, therefore it cannot be overlooked. This product also includes a Video Lesson of the process, with full narration, that the customer may follow along with. Our engineer will master your track and bring it up to studio quality loudness and give it the power that many independent tracks lack. This will help you track to stand out amongst other tracks and bring your music the attention it deserves.


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