Learning how to mix and master is a very complex and detailed process. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject and with hundreds more to come. However, even with all of this informative material, aspiring engineers still struggle to learn how to mix and master tracks on their own. I was the same way when I first began to mix and master. I spent hours and hours reading all the information I could find. I stayed up late watching tutorial videos on Youtube but to no avail.

The reason why mixing and mastering is so frustratingly hard to learn alone is because it is such a vast topic. One could spend hours and hours reading about one small process of mixing and still have hundreds of other processes to read up on. Another reason it is so difficult is because an engineer’s ears must be trained to find what they are searching for. For example, reading about the “boxy” frequencies does not mean you will know what they sound like when you hear them. If you wish to become a successful and talented audio engineer you must practice mixing and mastering for months to be good, and years to be great.

This is where our service can come in handy. We know that learning how to mix and master can be tiring and irritating because we have been there. We have spent hours turning knobs and adjusting faders only to realize the next day the mix was no good. There is only one true way to learn how to mix and master and that is by watching and doing. The best engineers in the industry today did not read books and magazines to become great. They interned at studios and tweaked rough mixes just for the fun and practice. They spent long hours being shown what to do and how to do it. They discovered tricks and tips along the way that helped their style to become unique.

Our service will run much like an internship would be handled. You will watch us mix and master your tracks to perfection and be taught how it was done. You will see your tracks transform from an “average” sounding song to a beautiful harmony of frequencies and tones. Best of all you will receive a video recording of everything that was done to your track to give it that industry-standard sound. You could watch this video again and again to see every little thing that was done to your track from faders to finish. You will not be left in the dark about the mixing process. You will come away from our lessons seeing the inside tips and tricks of how to mix and master and how to apply them to your own songs. After just a few lessons with our service, we guarantee your mixes will begin to sound much like what you will hear on the radio. Of course, it will require several lessons from us and much practice from you but we are positive that if you choose to use our services you will not walk away empty-handed but full of knowledge and power to create the most professional mixes you have ever created in your career!

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