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  • Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy beats?

    No. You can buy beats using any major credit or debit card. We accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express & more!
  • What is a lease?

    A lease is a beat that has been sold non-exclusively, meaning Pitch Perfect Productions retains the right to continue to lease the beat to other customers. A customer can sell only a limited amount of copies of the song created with a leased beat.
  • Which lease is best for me?

    A Basic lease allows a customer to sell 2,500 copies of their song while a Premium lease allows a customer to sell 5,000 copies of their song and provides a higher quality instrumental file. Track-outs provide the customer with each instrument of the beat on a separate file so the customer can remove sound(s) as they would like.
  • Will the tags be removed when I buy a beat?

    Yes! When you buy a beat all of the tags will be removed. Occasionally, a leased beat will have just 1 intro tag depending on the beat.
  • What are Exclusive Rights?

    When you buy the exclusive rights to a beat it will never be sold again and you become the sole owner of that beat. Royalties will be discussed prior to purchasing of the exclusive rights.  If you are interested in Exclusive Rights please feel free to contact us today!
  • How can I buy Exclusive Rights to a beat?

    If you are interested in buying the Exclusive Rights to a beat please email Info@ThreePBeats.com
  • When will I receive my beat(s)?

    Your beat(s) should be delivered almost immediately after purchase. If you have not received your beat 3 hours after purchase please check your Spam/Junk folder. If you still can’t find your beat please email Support@ThreePBeats.com
  • I signed up for the newsletter but didn’t receive my free beats?

    Free beats are not sent out immediately after newsletter signups. Free beats are sent out periodically throughout the year, especially during the holiday times.
  • How long until my Mixing & Mastering services are complete?

    Average turnaround time on a Mixing and/or Mastering project is 3-5 business days.
  • Are Mixing & Mastering Lessons demonstrated with my songs?

    Yes! All of our Mixing & Mastering Lessons will be demonstrated with your own music! Shortly after you purchase a Lesson you will receive an email from Info@ThreePBeats.com telling you how you can upload your files to begin the Lesson or Mixing & Mastering. If you have not received this email after 1 business day please contact Support@ThreePBeats.com
  • Can I buy previously recorded Mixing & Mastering Lessons of other people’s songs?

    Unfortunately at this time we can’t offer you the option to purchase previously recorded Mixing & Mastering Lessons, they must be illustrated with your music. However, this is a feature we are looking into and will hopefully be able to offer soon!

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