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If you are considering purchasing Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital but haven’t quite convinced yourself to do so, you have come to the right place.  Sylenth1 is an instrument of top-quality sound production and creation.  With this instrument you can do many things.  Aside from the fact that Sylenth comes with over 1000 professional pre-made sounds you can also very easily create your own sounds.  Even a beginner can load up a pre-made patch and play with the controls until they have created a new, unique sound that will only be heard in their productions.  Another great benefit of using Sylenth is that it is a widely used instrument.  Many other professional beat-makers and producers use Sylenth and have created their own presets and patches that they sell for very low prices.  So if you love new, unique sounds but aren’t interested in creating your own you can easily find dozens of Sylenth soundbanks online that have been created by users around the world.  One of the best places to acquire Sylenth sounds is at  This website, ran by Superstar O (who has many Major Label credits), has several hip-hop/urban themed Sylenth kits for sale for very low prices, some as low as $15!  I can vouch for these sounds as I have used them in several of my most popular beats that I have sold.  Sylenth offers a very professional sound quality and the possibilities for new sounds are endless with all of the banks available online and the ability to create your own new sounds from each pre-made patch you buy.  If you are looking for top-notch instruments to create rap, hip-hop or urban beats to sell online then Sylenth is a must have weapon in your instrument arsenal.  Check it out today at Lennar Digital’s Website!


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