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I thought I would create a short blog about the benefits of buying instrumentals with hooks.  While there are several benefits to buying these types of beats I will focus on the main two reasons: Inspiration & Variation.  When you buy a beat with a hook you are buying a beat that already has a concept or idea behind it.  This can be extremely helpful for an artist who has had writer’s block for a while or an artist that generally has a hard time coming up with a concept for a song.  With these kinds of beats the idea and concept is already there, you just need to expand on it and tell your own personal story relating to the idea.  This type of songwriting can be very quick and it’s pretty common for an artist to finish writing a song to a hook than to one without a hook.

The other main reason artists should be on the lookout for instrumentals with hooks is that it adds a lot of variation to your album.  Most underground artists have a hard time finding other artists to work with and that can lead to a bunch of songs with only one rapper.  Most underground mixtapes feature just one artist rapping over a bunch of beats and this can become very monotonous & boring for the listener.  When you purchase a beat with a hook you have added another artist which will add variety to your songs and to your album and it will keep the listener much more engaged.

I have recently posted a new Instrumental with Hook by a hook artist named June B.  He is a very talented singer/songwriter and worked wonders on my new beat for sale.  Please check out my new beat “The Sky” with hook by June B today!

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