Cleaning Up Reverbs & Delays

I thought I would brighten your day today by sharing another really simple mixing tip with you.  This tip has to do with spatial effects like Reverb & Delay.

Lots of people just throw reverb and delay on a track and call it finished but adding lots of space to a bunch of different instruments can create a lot of mud very quickly.  One way to eliminate that problem but still get the spatial effect is to follow your reverb and delay plugins with what I call a “Clean-Up EQ”.

It’s very simple just:

  • Add your reverb/delay plugin like you normally would.
  • Then, add an EQ in your plugin chain.
  • Lastly, cut off the lows below 200 Hz and cut the highs to taste
This will keep your spatial effects from interfering with your main tracks and push them into the background where they should be. It’ll also keep your tracks much cleaner than they normally would be with so much effects.  Some people also like to make a small cut around 1-2 Khz so that the reverb and delay tails don’t interfere with the vocal lead.  
*This trick works much better when you use your Spatial effects as Send Tracks instead of placing the effect directly on the audio track.  If you’re not sure how to use spatial effects as send tracks a quick Google search will clear it up for you.
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