The W I D E Vocal Trick

Today I wanted to share with you all a simple trick I learned a while back.  One of the most common problems at-home artists face is that they buy beats and they sound great but when they record their vocals they sound weak & small, the opposite of what everyone wants.  This simple trick will help your vocals to sound HUGE & W I D E while still maintaining all of the clarity of the original vocal.  You will truly have a professional vocal sound!
This trick has 5 main steps:
  1. Duplicate your Lead Vocal Track (which should be recorded in Mono and placed dead center in the stereo field, as most professional vocals start out).
  2. On the Duplicate track add a (mono-stereo) delay.  Or any delay that has Left-Right controls.  Most DAWs come stock with these types of delays.
  3. On the Left Side Controls turn the Mix knob to 0% and put the delay around 30 ms.
  4. On the Right Side Controls turn the Mix knob to 100% and put the delay around 40-50 ms.
  5. Group your new Stereo vocal track and your Mono vocal track and lower the volumes together to compensate for the HUGE sound that was just created!
You can also get creative with the Stereo track and add effects like flangers, chorus, and hard Auto-Tune which would produce a more affected sound but that’s up to you.If you’d like to see this trick in action, click here to check out this Youtube Video from Recording Revolution.
That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy trying out this trick and it brings you much closer to achieving a professional vocal sound!
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