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about_logoIf you’re looking for the hottest rap beats for sale online then look no further. Our team of producers have compiled an extensive catalog full of industry approved rap, hip hop and trap beats. No matter the beat style, you will find it here. Our catalog includes beats in the styles of Trap, Rap, Hip Hop, Dirty South, RnB, House, Anthems, Club Bangers and more. With a production team that consistently adds new beats on a weekly basis, we guarantee you can find the beat that is just right for you.

Not only will our catalog continue to grow but we will run new promotional codes during the holidays so that you can get the most bang for your buck! In addition to the holiday discounts provided by ThreePBeats.com, we also run several bundles ( Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Buy 3 Get 2 Free) that will run throughout the year! To take advantage of this deal simply use the Beat Store above or visit our Catalog page and select X number of beats and the discount will be applied automatically. With our automated delivery system you will receive your beats instantly after placing your order! No more waiting 12-24 hours for delivery. When you shop with us your beats will reach your inbox within minutes!

Mixing & Mastering can be one of the hardest aspects of music to learn. With so many plugins, knobs, faders, and FX it can be an overwhelming task to undertake. Teaching yourself all of these controls and terminology could take years. While there are lots of tutorials online, many are vague and don’t fully cover the material. Many cover the material but won’t translate to your mix the way it was shown on the video.The bottom line is that a 10 minute video is not going to teach you all you need to know about a complex process such as audio engineering. But with our Mixing & Mastering tutorial service you WILL learn everything you need to know about Mixing & Mastering audio. Our lessons will translate to your style of music every time, because we use your tracks to teach our lessons! Whether you are an aspiring engineer, producer, beatmaker, or vocal artist this service is for you.

No matter if you are on a beginner, intermediate, or near-pro level of mixing, our lessons are tailored to you. We will use your song to illustrate every aspect of mixing and video record everything we do during the entire process. You will watch and see how we obtain a professional mix and master so that you can repeat these results with your own tracks. If any aspect of mixing is confusing to you, simply email us and tell us what you are having a hard time with. Then our lead engineer will spend an extra amount of time explaining that concept on your next lesson.You can then see that concept in action as your song is mixed right before your eyes. From faders to finish you will see every single thing that was done to your song to achieve that industry-standard sound. And with full voice narration from our lead engineer, you will be with us every step of the way. After just a few lessons with this service you will be well on your way to mixing & mastering like a professional. To see a small example of this service, please view our video. If you are interested, in having your track mixed and/or mastered and receiving a video tutorial reviewing the process please contact us today!

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